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Brand: Racing Boy
Product Code: 01R0029P
Weight: 3.00kg
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Availability: 7
Racing Boy alloy rim is engineered from a special formula of high-grade 7116 aluminium alloy for better strength and durability. These high-strength rims help to improve the grip, bike's stability and enhance the handling of your bike. With its lightweight feature, they help to reduce the overall weight of the bike and thus help to reduce fuel consumption marginally. They also provide better heat conduction which helps to improve braking performance. Besides, there are no welds marks too. The products are designed in a range of captivating colours which also acts as an anti rust agent, including black, blue, chrome, copper, gold, green, orange, purple, red, silver, titanium, yellow, and even with double colours. These varieties of colours will surely improve cosmetic appearance of the rims and add an impressive finishing touch to your bike.

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