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Brand: Racing Boy
Product Code: 01H0041T
Weight: 1.46kg
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There are many models of Racing Boy handle bars.  Each model comes in different design, sizes and finishes. Fitting with a suitable handlebar can help to relieve wrist, hand, shoulder, neck and back pain as you do not need to bend a lot. It significantly influences the riding position and handling of the bike. Besides, this steering mechanism also provides a mounting place for important controls of accessories such as brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switch, and rear view mirrors which allows the rider to operate the motorcycle safely. The exclusive materials and advanced manufacturing process allow Racing Boy in producing high quality handlebars with high impact strength. There are clip on, bar mount, taper bar, triple clamp set and other models. By choosing the right handlebars, it will help to customize the look of your bike while maximizing your riding comfort and enjoyment.

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