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RB IGNITION CABLE (Universal) 45 - RED

RB IGNITION CABLE (Universal) 45 - RED

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Brand: Racing Boy
Product Code: 01P0002R
Weight: 0.20kg
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Availability: 476
The Racing Boy ignition cable is created to improve the original ignition system performance of most motorcycles. It produces maximum sparks, makes it easier to generate the motorcycle engine. You will enjoy quick start without any loss of power. There are two types of Racing Boy ignition cables in blue and red coloured jackets. This insulated jacket consists of high strength silicone rubber insulation, fibreglass reinforcing braiding and high tear strength silicone rubber outer jacket that withstand high heat up to 220°C to prevent burning, hardening and cracking of wires that could lead to engine damage. Besides, it provides an excellent weather proofing seal to prevent or reduce oxidation of the connectors.

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