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Brand: Racing Boy
Product Code: 01S0056S
Weight: 0.50kg
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Racing Boy fork stabilizer is used to eliminate flex by increasing the rigidity of your motorcycle forks. It absorbs bumps and shocks of the riding surface as well as to locate the front tire, rim and brakes. The fork brace strengthens the two forks, tying them together and making the front end more sturdy and rigid to provide smoother operation. This can significantly reduce the wobble problem that leads to poor suspension performance, poor steering accuracy, and problem of “head shake”. By reducing fork flex, one can ride more aggressively, easy to control cornering, ride straighter and more stable. Besides, it gives an extension of the tire life span and decreases sensitivity on rough or grooved surfaces. Racing Boy fork stabilizers are manufactured from high quality aluminium under CNC technology for high precision and exacting fit. The products are developed in several beautiful finishes.

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